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why consultancy partnerships

Working in consultation with governments and government agencies, civil society, and public organisations as consultancy partners, we seek to develop and deliver appropriate public ethics strategies and frameworks, resources, and materials, by drawing on the expertise of IIPE and other organisations which exemplify the IIPE Ethics.

IIPE Directors and Fellows have extensive experience in all aspects of public ethics, and can contribute to consultancy partnerships in many ways, depending on the nature, location, duration and funding of a specific project.

Each consultancy partnership is planned in consultation with the in-country partnering agency or agencies to meet the specific outcomes expected of the project, in accordance with the IIPE consultancy partnership framework.

IIPE's consultancy partnership guarantee ensures that the expertise of our Directors and Fellows is available to your organisation to develop programs that integrate local values and objectives with 'best practice' ethics and integrity initiatives, to promote the realisation of ethical government, a professional civil service, better delivery of public services, and other pro-integrity and pro-democracy outcomes.

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