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Ethics Videos on the Web. A project of the Values Institute at the University of San Deigo. Offers RealVideo lectures and workshops by some of the most well-known and respected professors in the field of ethics and political philosophy.

Graduate Certificate In Professional Ethics and Governance The Key Centre for Ethics Law Justice and Governance, Griffith University offers a 40CP program online with 4 cores subjects.

Managing Ethics in Organizations The EOA, in conjunction with the Center for Business Ethics, offers a professional development program, including a week-long course, Managing Ethics in Organizations. The course provides practical knowledge, the fundamental theories, and general skills needed by prospective and recently appointed ethics officers and others who have responsibilities for their organization’s ethics, compliance or business conduct programs. Faculty are experienced EOA ethics officers, academics and consultants who are recognized leaders in their fields.

Ethics World at Learnwell: online short courses in business ethics, values, decision-making and much more.

The Public Sector Ethics Resource Series The Public Sector Ethics Resource Series is designed to help non-specialist trainers and provide managers with resources relevant to today's public officials at every level. The series of CDROMs combines engrossing TV drama with innovative training, reference and resource materials.

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