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Virtue Theory (Not Too) Simplified
There are two basic types of ethical judgments: deontological judgements that focus on focus on duty and obligation and eudaimonist judgements that focus on human excellence and the nature of the good life. I contend that we must carefully distinguish these two types of judgement and not try to understand one as a special case of the other.

Is Kant's Ethics Overly Demanding?
Is Kant’s "Formula of the End in Itself" overly demanding? In addressing this question, I sketch a conception of co-obligation, that is, a sort of moral requirement that holds, not of persons distributively, but of persons collectively. I then raise a problem of devolution: How does a co-obligation for all persons devolve upon me?

Liberalismo Versus Comunitarismo En La Cuestión De La Universalidad Ética
Ubiratan B de Macedo (Spanish)

Theoretical Ethics
The papers indexed on this site were given at the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, in Boston, Massachusetts from August 10-15, 1998.

Ethical Theory -- Reference-only Documents

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