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Public Sector Ethics -- Full-text articles

Studying Moral Ethos Using an Adapted Kohlbergian Model.

Author/s: Robin S. Snell
Organization Studies Wntr, 2000



Author/s: Max H. Bazerman
Annual Review of Psychology: Annual, 2000


The structure of optimal trust: moral and strategic implications.

Author/s: Andrew C. Wicks
Academy of Management Review: Jan, 1999


Companies are discovering the value of ethics.

Author/s: Norman E. Bowie
USA Today (Magazine): Jan, 1998


Ethics for Adversaries: The Morality of Roles in Public and Professional Life.(Review) / (book review)

Author/s: Dan Sabia
APSR: June, 2000


Stakeholder influence strategies.

Author/s: Jeff Frooman
Academy of Management Review: April, 1999


Political education's coming of age.(includes related article on instilling ethics in graduates)

Author/s: Peter Wendel
Campaigns and Elections: Dec, 1998


Survey ties high-tech to unethical practices. (Industry Trend or Event)

Author/s: Kathleen Sibley
Computing Canada: May 25, 1998


Intrapreneurs and Market-based Managers: Pirates and Gamblers or Knights and Saints?

Author/s: H. Joseph Reitz
Business Horizons: Nov, 1998


Contextualizing Business Ethics: Anomie and Social Life.

Author/s: Phil Johnson and Ken Smith
Human Relations: Nov, 1999


Bankrupt MPs, bankrupt system. (ethical standards for UK members of parliament)

Author/s: Jane Taylor
New Statesman: Oct 18, 1996


Meeting the challenges facing research ethics committees: some practical suggestions.

Author/s: Jennifer Blunt
British Medical Journal: Jan 3, 1998


Clever as Serpents: Business Ethics and Office Politics. / (book reviews)

Author/s: George Kilcourse
Cross Currents: Fall, 1998


Contemporary Globalization and its Ethical Challenges.

Author/s: Elisabeth Gerle
The Ecumenical Review: April, 2000


The trust that went bust. (newspaper acquisition)

Author/s: Andrew Jaspan
The New Statesman: July 12, 1996


Doing the right thing. (business ethics)(includes a related article on creating a written ethics policy)

Author/s: Michael Barrier
Nationís Business: March, 1998


Conceptualizing Professionalism: Why Economics Needs Sociology.

Author/s: Jennifer Roberts and Michael Dietrich
American Journal of Economics and Sociology: Oct, 1999


Ethical dilemmas: what's right - as well as what's right for the bottom line - is again a hot topic.

Author/s: Kathleen V. Schmidt
Marketing News: August 2, 1999


'A behavioral approach to the rational choice theory of collective action: presidential address, American Political Science Association, 1997.

Author/s: Elinor Ostrom
APSR: March, 1998


The Nuremberg Code: Hippocratic ethics and human rights. (Department of Ethics)

Author/s: Evelyne Shuster
The Lancet: March 28, 1998

Veterans Affairs Medical Center, University and Woodland Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA (E Shuster PhD)


Essai: business ethics and Bauman ethics.

Author/s: Rene ten Bos
Organization Studies: Mid-Winter, 1997


Is There Hope for the Public Realm? Conversation as Interpretation.

Author/s: David Tracy
Social Research: Fall, 1998


Convergent stakeholder theory.

Author/s: Thomas M. Jones
Academy of Management Review: April, 1999


Moral awareness in business organizations: Influences of issue-related and social context factors.

Author/s: Kenneth D. Butterfield and Klebe Trevi[tilde
Human Relations: July, 2000


Missing the Forest for the Trees.(ethics versus religion)

Author/s: Mark P. Gibney
The Humanist: May, 1999


Toward a Buddhist social ethics: the case of Thailand.

Author/s: Tavivat Puntarigvivat
Cross Currents: Fall, 1998


Trust and distrust: new relationships and realities.(Special Topic Forum on Trust in and Between Organizations)

Author/s: Roy J. Lewicki
Academy of Management Review: July, 1998


Education and debate: Shared ethical principles for everybody in health care: a working draft from the Tavistock Group.

Author/s: Richard Smith
British Medical Journal: Jan 23, 1999


Capitalism, Subjectivity and Ethics: Debating Labour Process Analysis.

Author/s: Martin Parker
Organization Studies: Wntr, 1999


Can you be bought? (meeting planners' acceptance of booking incentives)(Cover Story)

Author/s: Maria Lenhart
Meetings and Conventions: March, 1998


Straining for shared meaning in organization science: problems of trust and distrust.(Special Topic Forum on Trust in and Between Organizations)

Author/s: Gregory A. Bigley
Academy of Management Review: July, 1998


Forgive and Remember.(Christian perspectives on the impeachment of President Clinton)

Author/s: David P. Gushee
Christianity Today: Jan 10, 2000


YOUR EMPLOYEES KNOW BETTER.(company ethics codes)(Brief Article)

Author/s: John S. Mcclenahen
Industry Week: March 1, 1999


Ethics and Activism: The Theory and Practice of Political Morality.(Review)

Author/s: Kristen Renwick Monroe
APSR: March, 1999


Moral Spaces: Rethinking Ethics and World Politics & International Society: Diverse Ethical Perspectives.(Review) / (book review)

Author/s: Yosef Lapid
American Political Science Review: June, 2000


Sanctioning Systems, Decision Frames, and Cooperation.

Author/s: Ann E. Tenbrunsel
Administrative Science Quarterly: Dec, 1999


Reclaiming the High Ground.

Author/s: Edward L. Ericson
The Humanist: Sept, 2000


The Appearance of Impropriety: How the Ethics Wars Have Undermined American Government, Business, and Society. / (book reviews)

Author/s: Allison R. Hayward
Reason Online: March, 1998


How Bible-Study Groups Can Make Ethics Officers Obsolete.(Brief Article) July, 1998


MONKEY BUSINESS.(IT ethics)(Industry Trend or Event)

Author/s: Mark Lewis
Computer Weekly: May 20, 1999


Machiavelli Was Ahead of His Time.(Brief Article)

Author/s: Michael Rust
Insight on the News: Sept 13, 1999


Changing Public Sector Values.(Review) / (book reviews)

Author/s: John S. Robey
APSR: Dec, 1998


The importance of being ethical.(in business and industry)(Critical Essay)

Author/s: Tania Mason
Marketing: Oct 26, 2000


The human side of public administration.

Author/s: Louis C. Gawthrop
PS: Political Science and Politics: Dec, 1998


Ethical tactics arouse public doubt.(public skepticism of corporate sponsorship or support of charitable causes)

Author/s: Danny Rogers
Marketing: August 6, 1998


Public-private partnerships -- business as usual?

Author/s: Sam Crowe
The Lancet: July 18, 1998


Ethics for Adversaries: The Morality of Roles in Public and Professional Life.(Review) / (book review)

Author/s: Dan Sabia
APSR: June, 2000


Please stop fiddling the books.(problems with Britain's Private Finance Initiative of public sector capital works)(Statistical Data Included)

Author/s: Peter Kemp
New Statesman: Oct 18, 1999


Work for us and get a free massage.(unethical monetary and non-wage benefits enjoyed by politicians from corporations)

Author/s: Giles Coren
New Statesman: Feb 5, 1999


Public purse needs private values.(Poltical Managers)(public and private companies in the UK)(Column)

Author/s: Michael Heseltine
Management Today: April, 1999



Author/s: Michael Heseltine
Management Today: Sept, 1999


Catch-23. (outsourcing of operations at the Dept of Defense)(includes related article on public-private competition for government contracts)

Author/s: Michelle Celarier
CFO: Magazine for Senior Financial Executives: June, 1998


IFAC study examines public-sector corporate governance.(International Federation of Accountants)

Journal of Accountancy: Oct, 2000


Corporate governance, strategic philanthropy, and public policy.

Author/s: Thomas A. Hemphill
Business Horizons: May-June, 1999


The death of ethics? Leaders who "do the right thing" are unsung heroes.(there seems to be a widespread lack of ethics in both public and business life, but we should not condemn the innocent nor forget personal responsibilities)(Brief Article)

Author/s: John Mariotti
Industry Week: Jan 5, 1998


Government pushes public sector as euro role model.(IT perspectives)(Government Activity)

Computer Weekly: April 22, 1999


Conference on Ethics and Meaning.(Brief Article)

Tikkun: March, 2000

Talisman Energy Adopts Ethics Code, Asserts It Will Have No Impact.

Author/s: Paul Merolli
The Oil Daily: Dec 14, 1999


Purchasing population health: aligning financial incentives to improve health outcomes.

Author/s: David A. Kindig
Health Services Research: June, 1998


Fat cats are bad for business. (transparency for UK utilities)

Author/s: Anne Simpson
New Statesman: July 24, 1998