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Full-text Articles -- Organisational Ethics

Alejo José G. Sison and Juan Carlos Vázquez-Dodero, National champions in a unified market: The BSCH-Champalimaud Case

Alexandre Faria and Robin Wensley,  Cooperating with key customers and adding value within networks: Practical challenges to intermediary supplier firms and business education

Alonso Bezerra de Carvalho, Puritanism and rationalization of the world: The Weberian Perspective

Analúcia Faggion Alonso and Érico Guimaraes, Evaluation of familiar minimum income guarantee program for Ribeirao Preto city

Anna Putnová (graphics), Business ethics as seen by managers. Ten years after the fall of communism: A case study from the Czech Republic

Annabel Beerel, Ethical orientations of women in managerial positions

Antonio Campino, Ethics in business activities (Brazil focus)

Antonio Rodríguez López, La humildad y los directivos 

Armindo dos Santos de Sousa Teodósio and Andréa Alcione de Sousa, Sistemas de gestao ambiental: Desafios de sua difusao no cenário brasileiro

Barbara Hilkert Andolsen, Community and solidarity in religious ethics: Resources for dealing with economic enqualities among women in the service sector 

Beat Grueninger, Fair trade labels and codes of conduct: Aspects of ethical business practice in the rural sector

Belinda Barkhuysen and Gedeon J. Rossouw, Business ethics as academic field in Africa: A survey of its current status

Bernhard Seitz, The economic approach to a corporate citizenship
B: The main argument

Bryan Husted, Jorge Rivera, and José de Jesus Salazar, An exploratory study of corporate social strategy in Central America

Byron Kaldis, Transnational corporations and moral obligation: The need for an eclectic synthesis

Carlos A. Féminis, Business ethics and training 

Cecilia Arruda and Frank Navran, An indicator of ethical climate in organizations

Coley Lamprecht, Intrinsically motivated moral behavior: The challenge to employers in developing countries.

Decio Zylbersztajn, A non-naďve explanation of trust: Avoiding mistaken decisions for agribusiness chain management 

Denis G. Arnold, The libertarian theory of corporate social responsibility and global capitalism

Domčnec Melé, Business ethics from Christian moral theology: Perspectives facing the 21st century 

Donald O. Mayer, Greenhouse gas emissions and the social responsibility of automakers

Eberhard Schnebel, Cultural differences of value-based management

Eisele, Dieter, Compliance in investment banking: Conflicts of interest and Chinese Walls

Eleanor O’Higgins, Green business practices: Why should companies get involved? 

Ellen R. Klein, Ferengi rules of acquisition: A case study toward a global ethic.

Elsa González Esteban (Spanish) (English), Consecuencialismo y deontologismo para una ética empresarial: Una mirada desde la teoría de stakeholders (English)

Ernesto García, Business ethics in Latin America: An enlarged vision of managerial work

Eugene Heath, Adam Smith on benevolence and commerce: A new view form an old guide.

Eva E. Tsahuridu, Mermaids and ethics: The role of women in organizations.

Félix Ruiz Alonso, Globalization and global ethic

Fernando Natal de Pretto and Adele Queiroz,  Greater equality of access to university: A case study 

Francisco Gallego and Jorge Rodríguez, Business ethics in Chile: Description and analysis of stylized facts

G. Hütter (2, 3, 4), Corporate ethics and social responsibility: Principles and practice at Siemens AG

Hans Burkard and Gabriel Sandoval, Managing sustainable development in the Colombian Amazon

Hans-Balz Peter and Martin Kraut, A rule of thumb for development ethics: The challenge of globalization for development

Heidi von Weltzien Hoivik, Developing, managing and sustaining moral values in organizations: A case study

Henk van Luijk, Competition and corporate reputation

Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos, Ethical competence training for individuals and organizations 

Iwao Taka, Scott Davis, The ECS2000: A New Business Ethics Standard

J. Félix Lozano, Rational discourse as a foundation for ethical codes

Jacek Sójka, Globalization of business ethics and the role of local tradition

Jane Collier and Lilian Wanderley, Corporate social responsibility in Brazil: Pride or prejudice?

Janeen E. Olson, Environmental problems and ethical jurisdiction: The case concerning Texaco in Ecuador

Janet S. Adams, Economic reform in China: Ethical issues in labor law and human resource management practices

Javier Iguíńiz-Echeverria, Approximations to the moral responsibility of the creditors

John Dienhart and Xiusheng Liu, One model, many values: Integrating ethics, economics, and law

John Milton-Smith, Ethics, the Olympics, and the search for global values.

José G. Vargas-Hernández, The changing role of the Mexican state under the pressure of globalization 

Jose Maria Rodriguez Ramos, Ethics and Economic Growth

José Pińera-Salmerón, Ramón Sabater-Sánchez, and Antonio Montes-Romero, A proposal of study of the influences of the stakeholder in the management of npo’s: A stakeholder theory and social network analysis approach (Spanish)

Juan Fontrodona and Domčnec Melé, Business ethics and management in the age of globalization: An integrative proposal

Leonardo Fernando Cruz Basso, Marcelo Roque da Silva, and Fernando J. M. de Pinho, Basic income: Exploring the levy potencial of municipalities: Case study of Bauru municipality

Luis Torras, social responsibility as a competitive advantage

Lyria Andrade Chaves de Oliveira, Cecilia Cristina Soares, Luciel Henrique de Oliveira, and Nelson Ventuin, Toward sustainable development in Brazilian national parks: A case study of national park Grande Sertao Veredas

Mannie Liu, Stephan Rothlin, Venture capital and business ethics in China

Manuel Becerra and Lars Huermer, Moral character and relationship effectiveness: An empirical investigation of trust within organizations 

Manuel Quintana Pérez, Los aspectos jurídicos y éticos de la inversión extranjera en Cuba

Maria Cecilia Coutinho de Arruda, Ethics and culture in globalized markets

Maria do Carmo Whitaker, The ethical conduct of the Brazilian businessmen and the principles proposed by the Conference Board

Maria Heloisa Soares Cavalieri, O modelo antropológico: Uma contribuicao para o avanco na etica das organizacoes no seculo XXI

Marie Ange Etayo-Pińol, Ethics: Constant, theoretical and practical training

Marie Bohatá, Ethical challenges of institution building in new democracies: The case of the Czech Republic 

Marvin T. Brown, Doing ethics wherever you are: A framework for evaluating local conditions

Mike Thompson, Towards virtue in business ethics

Nicholas Mangos,  Investigating social responsibility reporting practices of global Australian firms and how those practices enhance economic success

Noel Keizo Yamada, Business ethics and inter-religious contribution in the age of globalization

Patricia Almeida Ashley, Gestao ecocentrica e consumo responsavel: Desafios para a responsabilidade social corporative

Thomas Sun, The heart shock in China facing globalization 

Rafael Esteban and Jane Collier, Building moral competence in organizations: The difficult transition from hierarchy to participation

René Licht, Instrumento para avaliar comportamentos morais das organizacoes 

Ricardo Bezerra Cavalcanti Vieira, Ethics: A public and private perspective

Ricardo F. Crespo, The epistemological status of managerial knowledge and the case method

Richard E. Wokutch, Child labor: A continuing ethical challenge of globalization 

Robert van Es, Global moral debates: The turn from discourse ethics to negotiation ethics

Ruediger Wolfgang Waldkirch, Prolegomena for an economic theory of morals 

Silvio Popadiuk and Wilson Toshiro Nakamura, Business ethics as competitiveness factor in globalized environments

Simon Webley, Business ethics: A SWOT Exercise (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

Sonja Grabner-Kraeuter, Discourse ethical versus contractarian approaches to improving the ethical quality of business decisions and actions

Stan Mensik, The end of history and the last man

Stephan Cludts, Stakeholder theory: Towards a community of stakeholders? 

Vaclav Nemec and Lidmila Nemcová, Geoethics as a new discipline for sustainable use of mineral resources 

Vasanthi Srinivasan and Sharda Bhasker, Reflections of a social auditor

Verner C. Petersen, Habits of the heart: Arguments for an ineffable, social grammar

William Sweet, Globalization, ecumenism, and the possibility of a global ethics

Wojciech W. Gasparski, Codes of ethics, their design, introduction and implementation: A Polish case 

Xiaohe Lu, Ethical issues in the globalization of the knowledge economy 

Zhongzhi Zhou, Moral guidance and consumers behaviors in contemporary China 

Zonghao Bao, Ethical discussion on network economy.