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Government Ethics and Law Enforcement -- Toward Global Guidelines Examines how the principles of ethics and law enforcement can be applied to create more effective and efficient governments.

Idaho Ethics In Government Manual Introduction Relevant Statutes Bribery and Corrupt Influence Act Prohibitions Against Contracts with Officers Ethics in Government Act Miscellaneous Statutes Questions and Answers Statutory Interpretation ...

Industry Canada Office of the Ethics Counsellor:

Local Government Ethics Law The Local Government Ethics Law was enacted in The Local Finance Board in the Department of Community Affairs Division of Local Government Services performs certain functions under this law which are ...

Office of Government Ethics - Resource Library Contents of this agency's storehouse include publications, regulations, forms, statutes, links, downloads, federal notices and executive orders.

Public Citizen - Campaign Finance Reform & Govt Ethics Offers a guide to the issues surrounding campaign-finance reform and discusses the problems with the current system.

S.C. Code of Laws Title 8 Chapter 13 Ethics, Government Accountability, And Campaign Reform - State House Network 1999 Code of Laws (unannotated) Current through the 1999 Regular Session and the 1999 Extra Session Return to the Code of Laws Main Page NetNaturel Search Page Copyright and Discla

US Office of Government Ethics – “Gifts from Outside Sources” Online Ethics Training

Governemnt Ethics -- Reference-only Documents

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Extract from The Earth Charter Briefing Book (August 2000)

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