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Classic Texts in Ethics – full-text versions:



Apology. Hypertext. Perseus Project, Tufts University.

Crito. Hypertext. Perseus Project, Tufts University.

Euthyphro. Hypertext. Perseus Project, Tufts University.

Meno. Hypertext. Perseus Project. Tufts University.

Phaedo. Hypertext. Perseus Project. Tufts University

Philebus. Hypertext. Perseus Project, Tufts University.

Republic. Hypertext. Perseus Project, Tufts University.



Eudemian Ethics. Perseus Project, Tufts University. English with Greek links.

Nichomachean Ethics. Hypertext at Perseus.

Nichomachean Ethics. W.D. Ross, trans. ASCI.

Politics. Hypertext. Perseus Project, Tufts University.

Politics. Jowett, trans. ASCI.

Politics. ASCI text.

Aristotle's Political Philosophy Page by Clifford A. Bates Jr.

Rhetoric. Hypertext. Perseus Project, Tufts Univesity

Rhetoric. W. Rhys Roberts, trans. ASCI.

Virtues and Vices. Hypertext. PErseus Project. Tufts University.



Confessions. Text, HTML, and pdf formats. Wheaton College.


Thomas Aquinas:

Summa Theologica. Maintained by the English Dominican Province



Elements of Law Natural and Politics

The Citizen: Liberty - Dominion - Religion (1651)



Second Treatise of Government.

A Letter Concerning Toleration, translated by William Popple.



An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

The Natural History of Religion

My Own Life

Essays on Suicide & the Immortality of the Soul. Unauthorized 1783 Edition.

Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion


John Stuart Mill:

On Liberty.

The Subjection of Women.

Speech in Favor of Capital Punishment



Principles of Political Economy


Immanuel Kant:

The Metaphysical Elements of Ethics. Abbott translation

Introduction to the Metaphysics of Morals. Hastie translation.

The Science of Right. Hastie translation.

Critique of Practical Reason. Abbott translation.

Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Morals. Abbott translation.

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