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the IIPE consultancy partnership framework

IIPE consultancy partnerships are different. We seek to partner with governments, civil society, public service organisations, and funding agencies, in developing programs that are:

  • Collaboratively designed, and holistically integrated;
  • Practitioner-focussed and tools-based;
  • Co-ordinated, sustained and sequential; and
  • Validated through rigorous evaluation.

The IIPE consultancy partnership framework ensures that we will collabroate to:

  • assess individual and organisational ethics issues in locally-relevant ways;
  • develop a range of context-senstive tools, resources and strategies, to address identified issues;
  • integrate individual and organisational aspects of ethical values and an ethical environment;
  • encourage sustained support to foster long-term development of ethical organisations;
  • evaluate outcomes; and
  • plan further initiaties.

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