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IIPE believes in developing a relationship with consultancy partners over a period of time. That relationship will grow and develop as a result of continuous evaluation and improvement. IIPE is therefore committed to achieving continuous improvement through:

  • measuring success in enhancing individual ethical conduct;
  • measuring the development of an ethical organistion;
  • assessing the long-term sustainability of the overall ethics program;
  • seeking continuous feedback on results and outcomes.

Evaluation is thus an integral part of the IIPE approach to ethical progress. In order to carry out such evaluation IIPE will encourage the adoption of a range of qualitative and quantitative tools in a 360degree approach, from the commencement of any partnership. Drawing upon best practice, and our experience, IIPE will help the consultancy partner develop and implement tools for the evaluation of individual and organisation ethical performance. These tools will include:

  • Individual professional development and appraisal;
  • 'Ethical environment' surveys of staff and citizens;
  • Discipline action and complaints registers;
  • Citizen satisfaction surveys;
  • Citizen / civil service perceptions of corruption surveys;
  • Service quality surveys;
  • Ethics audits;
  • Integrity systems audits;
  • Monitoring of public / media / parliamentary comment;
  • Monitoring of appropriate performance indicators measuring:
    • Staff recruitment and advancement,
    • Staff commitment, motivation and morale,
    • Type, extent, and control of unethical and illegal conduct, and
    • Type, extent, and control of official misconduct and corruption.

In keeping with the IIPE ethos, our own work will be evaluated by consultancy partners or an independent body.

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