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the potential benefits of the IIPE approach

IIPE consultancy partnerships can deliver many direct and indirect benefits to governments, communities, and individual citizens, because the ethics toolkit is practical, culturally-sensitive, and effective: as a result:

  • government agencies, elected officials, and civil servants can come to recognise their professional obligation to put the needs and interests of citizens first;
  • misuse of public funds and resources can be minimised;
  • corrupt officials can be identified, prosecuted, and disciplined effectively;
  • elected officials and civil servants can be made accountable for their actions;
  • civil servants accept professional responsibility for their decisions;
  • the rule of law and independence of law-enforcement can be fostered;
  • public officials accept the task of making citizens' lives better;
  • legitimate complaints by citizens are taken seriously;
  • civil servants develop an understanding of the requirements to be self-disciplined, efficient, and competent;
  • government agencies can develop systemic improvements to reduce mistakes, delay, cost, and 'red tape';
  • government agencies and the civil service can be managed better, and become more reliable.

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